Sunday, May 31, 2009

Autism Speaks 400 Preview

Hey readers! Sorry it has taken me this long to get the picks up. Lately, I have been a little sidetracked by my new blog, Stock Car Spin. But I have them for you now.

I don't have any funny or annoying comments today, and since I made you wait 3 extra days, I will spare you your time and cut to the chase:

5.Ryan Newman
4.Greg Biffle
3.Denny Hamlin
2.Kyle Busch
1.Kasey Kahne

Kahne has the power of the new Dodge R6 engine. He has done well this weekend so far, and I believe he'll be a force to recon with today. Readers, sorry about the delay. Have a Happy Sunday!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coca Cola 600 Preview

Last week, a little birdy told me to pick Joey Logano to win the All Star race. Rule #1 about predictions: Never listen to the finger of a Junior fan, especially when wearing a Kyle Busch T-shirt.

(Slight pause while you figure that one out)

So last week, we saw another exciting race. At least, the final 10 laps were. But nothing about the race was more priceless than when Jeff Gordon went spinning through the infield, and almost my entire house exploded with cheers. That is, with the exception of the lone Gordon fan in the house, who let slip a synonym for dung. Good times.

In the end, Tony Stewart won his first race with his new team. Now onto the longest race of the year which, to many fans' surprise, does not take place in Fontana, California or Long Pond, Pennsylvania. It actually takes place in a suburban town known as Concord, North Carolina. Really? You thought it took place in Charlotte? Well, you learn something new every day, don't you?

So who is the birdy saying will win this week? Who cares. I don't listen to the birdy anymore. I will say this though. I believe Sunday Night's race will be a wreckfest. At least, if history repeats itself. In 2005, this race set the all-time record for caution flags in a single race with 22. Two years ago, the race saw 13 cautions, and over 15 casualties of accidents. Alas, another odd-numbered year, which also seems to indicate that the 2006 and 2008 600 champ, Kasey Kahne, will not win on Sunday. But, just for kicks, I'll put him in my top 5 anyway:

5.Kasey Kahne
4.Tony Stewart
3.Jimmie Johnson
2.Joey Logano
1.Ryan Newman

Indy 500 winner: Tony Kanaan

Lowe's Motor Speedway always seems to owe somebody something, and in the end, it always pays them. We saw it with Jimmie Johnson back in 2003, Kahne back in 2006, and Tony Stewart last week. Newman could have won back in 2001, but crashed while leading after just a dozen laps. He should have won back in 2007, but blew a tire while leading with 3 laps to go and backed into the wall. Last week, he wrecked while leading with 8 laps left. This week, the Beast of the Southeast will pay him back, and he'll win the race on... fuel mileage. P.S. Kanaan will win that short 500 mile sprint before the important race.

Folks, that's all for this week. Have a Happy Sunday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Star Challenge Preview

Darlington has come and gone. We had another great race(Really? We're up to 3 in a row now?), and now it's time for the All Star event.

This race gets me excited every year. My favorite part actually has to be the Sprint Showdown, the wild card event that the rest of the field competes in for a chance to race in the main event. Last year, the race was won by AJ Allmendinger, who I believe will race his way in again.

The 2nd place driver in the event also transfers into the big race. A year ago, that driver was Sam Hornish Jr. He might do it again, but I believe that 18-year-old Joey Logano will get the other transfer spot.

That leaves the Fan Vote, the part which determines the final driver in the starting field for the All Star race. Last year, Kasey Kahne got the Fan Vote, and won the whole thing! This year, I believe that Bill Elliott will receive the fan vote. Elliott was NASCAR's Most Popular Driver for 15 years, so it seems only fitting that he should receive the Fan Vote.

From there, 21 drivers will duke it out over a 100-lap period. The winner receives a check for $1,000,000 and an automatic berth in the All Star race for the next 10 years.

So, without further ado, my prediction for the winner of the 25th Annual NASCAR All Star race is:

Joey Logano!

Yes, I am aware of the very skinny, frail, toothpick-like limb I am going out on here, especially considering that the guy isn't even in the race yet. But why not? I, like Logano, have nothing to lose. Folks, enjoy the heck out of the race. Have a Happy Saturday!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Southern 500 Preview

Wow, who could've seen that coming? Kyle Busch won Round 3 of the Junior/Busch Battle, and it was no contest. Busch continues to show that he simply is the best. As for Junior, well, at least his interviews are good.

(excuse me while I go laugh my tail off at the outright falsehood of that last statement)

Anyway, Richmond brought us the most cautions we've seen all year(15). Amazingly, 4 of the top 10 finishers spun out during the course of the race. Looks like last week would've been the perfect time for Little E to spin himself out on purpose(seriously guys, he's done it before, and he was proud of it).

Why am I poking fun at Junior? I don't know, I just feel like it.

So on to one of my favorite tracks on the circuit, Darlington Raceway. The race was renamed the Southern 500 to rekindle some of that old-school feel that the fans have been complaining about losing. But, in my mind, the Southern 500 is run on Labor Day weekend, not Mother's Day weekend.

Anyway, last week I was back on track, correctly identifying 3 top 5ers before the race even began. That's like super powers! Okay, maybe not, especially since the CoT makes my job easy*. This week, I like the Biff to find back his old friend, Darlington Victory Lane:

5. Ryan Newman
4. Kyle Busch
3. Carl Edwards
2. Tony Stewart
1. Greg Biffle

My friends, this is where I leave you once again. Have a Happy Saturday. And to all you Moms(and Grandmas) out there, have a Happy Mother's Day!

*Nothing in life is easy. Omit the preceding statement.