Friday, December 26, 2008

Week 16 Wrap; Week 17 Picks

One day late, Merry Christmas to all! Hope you had a good one. I know I did, especially after my favorite team clinched a playoff spot on Sunday. It wasn't pretty, but it worked out. Now hopefully they'll go all the way.

Well, Week 16 is over, and that means that my Fantasy Football Championship is too. I tied my opponent(who just happened to be my kid brother) 93-93. Naturally, there was a tie-breaker, which I lost by 45 cotton-pickin yards. Talk about heartbreak.

Anyway, I'm through talking about boring stuff. Let's talk about what happened in the real world. The Falcons clinched a playoff spot(take that Sporting News). So did Carolina, even despite losing home-field advantage to the New York Giants. The Vikings proved that you actually can fumble the football seven times, indoors, and still almost win.

The Broncos are just one game away from the all-time biggest choke in NFL history. What's more, they play San Diego. The very San Diego team who they beat in controversial fashion back in Week 2. And it's going to be broadcasted on national television. If San Diego wins, it will take some of the spotlight off of the potentially winless Detroit Lions, seeing as Denver would be the team that choked. I wonder if Ed Hochulli is going to be reffing the game?

All right, time for some picks. As you know, I've been attempting to pick the winners of each week's NFL games in advance since Week 9. So far, it's been going well. If you want, I might even predict playoff winners, or at least try to. Last week, I was back to being my old self. I hit on all of them except Cards, Broncos, Texans, and Eagles. The Cards and Eagles I can believe, and I should know better than to pick the Broncos to beat anybody, but the Texans against the Raiders? I simply refuse to believe that one. Okay people, here they are:
Last Week:12-4 Overall:80-41-1

STL:17 ATL:38
NE:16 BUF:17
KC:14 CIN:17
CHI:31 HOU:28
NYG:24 MIN:35
CAR:17 NO:24
CLE:10 PIT:34
OAK:28 TB:24
TEN:20 IND:35
DET:20 GB:16
JAC:14 BAL:24
SEA:24 ARI:34
WAS:23 SF:28
MIA:17 NYJ:16
DAL:16 PHI:21
DEN:38 SD:39

Well folks, it's the end of the line. But don't worry. If I get enough people to partition, I will continue my picks throughout the playoffs. If not, see you all next year. My dear readers, this is where I leave you. Have a happy Sunday. And if I don't see you again, have a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Week 15 Wrap; Week 16 Picks

So, what do we know after week 15? Well, the G-Men are sliding, losing their last 2. They didn't even lose 2 games in their first 12! Yep, they're sliding. Dallas beat them on Sunday night and now they're the "Kings of the World"(imagine an echo affect. It actually would sound kinda cool.). The Vikings proved they are legit after a 35-14 stomping of the Cards. Of course, that's what we thought after they're stomping of the Bears a couple weeks ago. They then proceeded to almost lose to the winless Lions. It would take a big win against the Falcons to prove that they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Still, consider me a believer.

And, speaking of the Falcons, they finally won a game they had no business winning. They went out and committed 3 turnovers(the Bucs had 1), and had a punt blocked(the Bucs had none blocked). Fortunately for them, their defense stood tall, and they snuck away with an overtime victory.

Alright, time for some picks. Last week resembled that of a vacuum cleaner. I only got half of my picks right. That's 50%. If I got that on a math test, I would flunk. However, to make up for it, I was about the only person on the face of this lovely planet who picked the Houston Texans to beat the Tennessee Titans. Now I feel smart. Okay, "Smarter.
Week 15: 8-8 Overall: 68-37-1

IND:34 JAC:14
BAL:24 DAL:17
CIN:17 CLE:13
NO:31 DET:17
ARI:38 NE:35
PIT:17 TEN:22
SF:27 STL:14
MIA:27 KC:24
SD:24 TB:23
BUF:17 DEN:24
NYJ:16 SEA:24
HOU:41 OAK:10
ATL:30 MIN:27
PHI:24 WAS:16
CAR:27 NYG:31
GB:14 CHI:24

So there they are, my Week 16 picks. Everybody, if you don't hear from me before, have a Merry Christmas(or Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa). May your team make the playoffs(unless they're battling mine). Have a happy Sunday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 14 Wrap; Week 15 Picks

I'm back from my vacation in sunny south Florida, and now it's time for me to get back into the spirit of Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, you can check out my divisional Christmas lists at (plug).

Alrighty, last week the Jets proved that their still digesting that Thanksgiving turkey, as they looked sleepy against the lowly Niners. The Giants were clearly distracted by the whole Burress issue(What a moron!), but his absence wasn't the cause of their loss. They were simply not into the game. At approximately 4:00 EST Sunday afternoon, the Atlanta Falcons appeared to have started digging a "playoff hole". As of roughly 7:00 EST Sunday night, they were somewhat bailed out by the Cowboys. By 11:30 EST, the Falcons hadn't lost squat as far as the playoff race was concerned, as the Skins were embarrassed by 9-4 Baltimore. What?! Is this the same Baltimore team that was the sole loser to the Miami Dolphins last year? No, it is not. Nor are the Miami Dolphins the same team that beat only Baltimore last year(as mentioned above).

All right, time for some picks. Last week, I scored on all but 5, one short of where I've been the past couple of weeks. Both New York teams blew it big, Green Bay lost to a surging Houston team. What?! Never mind. And Atlanta and KC lost difficult road games. Other than that, life was great. I was in warm, sunny south Florida! I know, "shut up and pick, Hopper!" Fine, here they are:
Week 14: 11-5 Overall: 60-29-1

NO:21 CHI:31
TB:23 ATL:24
WAS:16 CIN:7
TEN:19 HOU:22
GB:34 JAC:21
SF:17 MIA:27
SEA:24 STL:13
BUF:17 NYJ:16
SD:20 KC:24
DET:6 IND:34
MIN:28 ARI:38
PIT:17 BAL:20
DEN:20 CAR:27
NE:27 OAK:21
NYG:38 DAL:35
CLE:24 PHI:17

By the way, I guess it's worth mentioning that both Tennessee and Arizona officially, officially clinched their divisions. The Giants can do the same with a win Sunday night. Also, Cleveland is undefeated on Monday night this year. That's why I have them to beat the Eagles. Hopper out. Have a happy Sunday.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Week 13 Wrap/Week 14 Picks

I'm "wrapping" my Week 13 recap and my Week 14 picks into one article this week as time is of the essence. Okay, I'm kidding. I'm really on vacation in south Florida. I know you envy me right now. I can see your eyes turning green from here.

Anyway, Week 13 proved to be interesting as Giants' wide receiver Plaxico Burress proved that there is a more stupid way to get injured than breaking your collarbone while doing a celebratory flip into the endzone.Adrian Peterson, you are officially of the hook. The Denver Broncos have separated themselves from their putrid division counter-parts, while the Miami Dolphins gained some ground this past weekend, being the only team in the AFC East to win a game. Granted, it was against the St. Louis Rams, but a win is a win. The Vikings reign supreme in the Norse division, while the Cards are one St Louis loss away from not being taken at all seriously.

All right, time for some picks. Last week, I once again scored 75%, as I got 12 out of 16 correct. The only incorrect winners being Arizona, Green Bay, Buffalo, and the Jets. Yesterday, one of my loyal readers who, quite enjoys my picks, got on me about not writing any articles recently. So Grandma, this one's for you:
Week 13: 12-4 Overall: 49-24-1

OAK:10 SD:31
JAC:14 CHI:24
MIN:28 DET:10
CIN:14 IND:31
PHI:9 NYG:24
CLE:13 TEN:22
ATL:38 NO:31
HOU:20 GB:30
MIA:24 BUF:21
NYJ:24 SF:17
NE:28 SEA:14
KC:27 DEN:21
STL:14 ARI:31
DAL:12 PIT:17
WAS:16 BAL:17
TB:24 CAR:27

My dear readers, and Grandma, this is where I leave you. I am now off to enjoy the remainder of my vacation. Have a happy Sunday.

P.S. It's nice and warm down here. Might I recommend hopping on a plane and flying down for the weekend?